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4 Dec 2017 White is the most popular color, but wood shutters can be stained to any color. Plantation shutters come in three main materials: vinyl, composite, and wood. Here's a breakdown of each so you can decide what works best for 

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Understanding the difference between wooden and vinyl shutters can be confusing. There are benefits to both types of shutter materials and construction but it's important to find the right type of shutters for your home. Your choice will depend 

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Most shutters sold are white and are not all made from top grade timbers as they used to be. Today they are is not biodegradable. In fact it takes 200 times more energy to make aluminium for a shutter than to use cedar. wood composite.

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20 Jun 2017 Houzzhooks & latticetypes of plantation shutters composite doors and windows types is introduced. Timber mdf or composit. wood china factory wood plastic composite door window inserts packaging details vinyl vs. Cost of 

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8 Aug 2016 Many Synthetic shutters have extended warranties up to 25 years, whereas wooden plantation shutters often have a 5 year warranty. The cheaper wooden shutters are made of composite wood that is glued together.

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The most popular color is white, but stained shutters have their followers, too. Plantation blinds come in three types of material, vinyl, composite and wood. Here's a breakdown of each, to help you determine which is best for your home.

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Poly shutters offer the chic look of real wood, but thanks to the synthetic material that they are crafted from, they can stand the test of time in areas This makes a composite shutter perfect for high-traffic areas, or areas that collect lots of dust.

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21 Oct 2015 Polywood shutters are made from a synthetic composite that provides the most energy efficiency and durability. We formed this faux wood shutter more than 25 years ago to give you a high quality plantation shutter that 

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MDF (Medium Density Fiber) shutters are also called “hybrid”, "woodlore" and “composite” along with some other trade names. All of these window coverings are made from MDF as the base material. MDF is basically sawdust mixed with glue 

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Price -wise, wood shutters are similar to those made with wood composite. ExteriorSolutions prices a pair of 14.5″ x 48″ Traditional wood Open Louver shutters at $197.15/pair. Finishing the shutters with a color takes the price to 

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wood vs. Faux wood. It's not hard to argue that natural wood is more appealing than vinyl or PVC. However, "faux wood," as Price -- Faux wood shutters are often lower in price than real wood.

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3 Common Situations Where composite shutters are Superior to wood shutters. wood shutters are wonderful, no doubt about it. But, there are 3 cases when faux wood shutters might be your best choice. You have rooms with high humidity.

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16 Mar 2017 Trying to decide between the quality of real wood shutters versus a Faux wood product? We discuss the pro's of using real wood shutters in your home.

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Blinds Economy Faux wood shutters give your home the antebellum charm of plantation shutters but with added durability at an exceptional price. These elegant shutters are made of a hollow PVC, which provides high energy efficiency and lower energy costs. Their polyresin composition is .. composite Shutter.

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What are Faux wood shutters Made Of? Plantation shutters last a lifetime and do amazing things for your home's retail value. However, there's something you should consider before you put shutters in every room in your home. Kitchens 

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16 Aug 2016 Different shutter types offer different looks and benefits for your home. Take a look at the advantages of wood and composite shutters in our new blog post.

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18 Feb 2015 Looking for the Right Exterior shutters or Accessories? Check out Perfect shutters, inc. wood and composite shutters. Perfect shutters, inc. offers A World of Choices, include custom sizes, custom styles, and wide variety of 

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composite shutters look like real wood shutters, but thanks to the synthetic materials they're made from, they are able to stand up to high humidity areas and effectively resist fading and cracking. Because of their durability, composite wood 

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If you're looking for a stained wood blind for your Mississippi home, they can now be purchased in composite (faux) wood blinds. Many shutter and blind manufacturers provide composite wood tones that look great. One of the best benefits of 

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16 Aug 2014 With over 30 years in the window covering industry, we, as a reputable company have seen many changes. For many years, PVC or vinyl shutters have been the staple for many shutter manufacturers. In our business we have 

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composite plantation shutters Archive. 02 June 2015. Blinds What are Faux wood shutters Made Of? Abigail Sawyer blinds However, there's something you should consider before you put shutters in every room in your home. Kitchens 

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9 Aug 2015 It's the age old battle of Real wood vs. Faux wood shutters. We address all the questions you may have about what type of shutter is best for your home.

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For years, shutters were made of wood, and only wood. Then came composite shutters made of a mix of PVC and wood or a fiberglass mix. composite shutters look like wood, but have properties that make them more weather-resistant.

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13 Apr 2018 shutters. A classic and traditional look, available in real hardwood or an engineered composite wood material for greater performance in heat. Our plantation shutters are the highest quality and are extremely easy to clean.

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27 Mar 2018 wood is the standard by which everything else is compared to in the shutter industry. Even the producers of non-wood shutters use phrases like “wood-grain appearance”, “wood-like feel”, or “faux wood”. Many consumers are