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Pour-N-Restore composite deck Spot remover cleans and captures stains from oil, food grease, cooking oil, wax, wine, algae, transmission fluid, and more.

How to Remove Candle Wax from Wood » How To Clean

Cynthia asked: How do I remove wax from a wooden deck? We had a citronella candle on our composite deck that melted, and some wax fell onto the deck. What is the best way to remove the wax stain from a composite deck? Removing wax 

How to Remove Melted Crayon from Plastic Surfaces » How To

crayons are composed mostly of wax and coloring. The first step is to remove the wax and then treat any remaining stains from the coloring. In some cases, there may be a slight grease residue. Follow the steps below to remove all traces of 

How to Recycle Old Broken Crayons Today's Homeowner

Don't throw out those old, broken crayons. Instead, remove the paper, melt them in the microwave, and pour the melted wax into molds to form fun new shapes and colors. To recycle old crayons: Sort crayons by color. Peel off the paper 

How to Remove Melted Crayon - Creatively Southern

22 Jul 2013 Surely I'm not the only one this has happened to, right?? Coloring books and crayons are great to occupy the little one in the car, but just be sure you remember to get them out when you get home. Or if you're like me, you just 

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Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Trex decking and railing. Easier maintenance: requiring only an occasional cleaning with soap and water or a pressure washer. .. can easily be repaired with our touch up kit or any matching Minn Wax crayon or marker you can get at your local hardware store.

Cleaning Composite Decking (Tips.Net)

20 Feb 2009 Follow these tips to keep your composite decking looking brand new, while increasing its longevity. (Tips.Net) While you may use snow and ice melt on your deck, do not chip at ice as you may damage your decking. Keep in