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4 May 2016 Regardless of whether or not you have a wood deck or a composite deck, you should never underestimate the power of be power washed once a year and reconditioned with a coat paint that's specifically created to protect the wood you use. . By being continuously exposed to the sun, wood can lose its colour and turn grey or silver. . Installation and delivery throughout south africa.

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nature, the deck is south africa's ultimate gateway to outdoor living. And once again . industry associations like the ITFB, ITC-SA and SAWPA. While it is not feasible .. protect it from the sun's uv rays is not easily absorbed. Very specific oil- 

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Woodshield deck is the ultimate protection for wood surfaces that are constantly exposed to weathering as well as wear and tear. Specially developed for timber decking and flooring, it provides a durable, scratch resistant film that offers 2X uv 

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south african Pine decking is an excellent exterior decking. If installed and screwed correctly, Remember that the CCA treatment of pine does NOT protect against drying out, cracking or uv degradation. This is a common misconception.

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10 Nov 2011 Toll-Free during office hours 0800 411 200 (south africa only) as well as decks made of other dense wood types. Product Features: Woodoc deck Sealer is alkyd-based with uv- protect wood against harsh sunlight.

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11 Dec 2015 7 ways to protect your patio furniture from sun damage: Just as the sun's rays damage our skin, so too do they cause wear and tear to anything Just like the sun's rays cause damage to skin, so too do they damage anything that's been left outside for too long. Latest properties for sale in south africa.

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ADF outdoor (Pty) Ltd is regarded as the leading supplier in south africa to the indoor, outdoor and marine fabric industries. From the start we have been firmly entrenched in the south african fibre and textile market. Solar protection 


Superior long life deep penetrating uv protective sealer for all exterior timber directly or indirectly exposed to weather and Economical alternative for doors, windows, patios, decks, fascias, picket fences & wendy houses etc. that are likely to 

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7 Mar 2018 When a deck sits under the intense rays of the sun, over time the supple, strong structure of the wood One line of composite decking was actually developed to deal with the intensely sunny climate of south africa, where there's an average of 10 hours of sun a day. Look for The best, newest versions of composite decking contain uv resistant compounds within their capping material.

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The art of outdoor living. As soon as the weather takes a A motorized screen is a central element to provide sun protection or smartphone. They lower to the height you want in a few seconds to provide ideal shade and sun on your patio.

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Rystix south africa, a company that had been associated with uv resistant, weatherproof sealer for use on all general outdoor wooden furniture, windows and doors, fencing, fascias, sheds and decking. In a decking situation which is.

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A grain filling sealer with transparent iron oxide additives that give extra uv-protection and salt spray resistance. Garage doors; Exterior doors, door frames; Window frames; Exterior wood panelling, walls; Gates, fences; Patio furniture.

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15 Sep 2016 Toll-Free during office hours 0800 411 200 (south africa only). E-mail: Woodoc deck Dressing is oil-based with added transparent iron oxides to protect wood against harsh Tinted, matt finish with uv-protection and.

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Water-based technologically advanced protective coating for protection against weather, uv, traffic – can be used on all exterior timber where a lower sheen is specially designed to protect and beautify outdoor wooden decks and can also

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Woodoc have done it again, with a range of water-borne exterior sealers that offer maximum protection for decks and users the most advanced international technology to protect decks from the harsh south african sun and extreme weather.

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Ideal for boats, marine applications and also general outdoor wood were a finish with excellent uv-protection and water resistance is Exterior doors, door frames; Window frames; Exterior wood panelling, walls; Gates, fences; Patio furniture.

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wood outdoor furniture, exterior timber trim and fittings, need to be protected from constant exposure to rain and sun. Here's a look at the All outdoor timber or wood needs protection from the elements unless you are wanting to let timber age naturally. But unprotected wood And for those who prefer not to use a solvent-based product, Woodoc now have a water-bourne deck sealer. Not to be confused 

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Tinted wood dressing formulated to protect and treat dense wooden decks, such as Balau and Teak, that do not Ultra-violet radiation protection in extreme conditions; Provides excellent uv-protection / water repellence; Does not crack or 

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as well as timber end-users (deck builders, log home builders, thatchers, DIY-ears, etc.) For example, many wood protection products have been specifically developed for industrial applications and use by manufacturers of Not only was Timberlife the first south african company to develop and manufacture these borate-based rods, but is also one of only water repellent and wood stabilizing sealers with high quality, uv resistant transparent iron oxide pigment stain additives for 

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cladding, wooden furniture, fascias, window frames and doors, sheds, log-cabins and decking. EXTERIOR ARMADEK. Superior quality water based, ultra tough, long life, uv resistant, weatherproof coating for use on all exterior timber directly 

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To seal and protect exterior wooden surfaces such as decks, outdoor wood furniture, wooden bridges and docks, garage Water-based, easy to apply; Penetrates and rejuvenates wood; Low odour; Low VOC; Built in uv stabilisers and preservatives to protect and increase the lifespan of Low-build finish that maintains the natural appearance of wood; Can be used on all wood types (SA Pine, Meranti,