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17 Dec 2014 First time over to the boat with a hand pump since it was shrink wrapped and had the door installed. Bailed all the water out of the bilge and removed the first panel of the cabin sole to hit it with some 2 part teak cleaner and 

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For sailors who thought they'd never find a center cockpit yacht they'd enjoy, enter the Outbound 52. The Outbound 52 sports clean lines, moderate displacement, low freeboard, a low cockpit, a three-step companionway, and At Outbound Yachts we tackle safety from a performance and ergonomic point of view yachts that can get out of their own way, not The semi-raised salon also provides space for tanks under the salon sole, in the center of the boat, putting weight where it 

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1 Oct 2010 Just wash the area with a mixture of three ounces of borax powder to a gallon of hot water and rinse thoroughly. Be sure to use a marine-specific varnish; your sole is inside the boat, but it is still a pretty wet and demanding 

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Not to mention that the boat sole will always look nice and clean unlike carpets in your cabin or white gelcoat on your deck, which get dirty quickly and are hard to clean properly. DEK-KING DIY Synthetic Boat Decking installation is the perfect 

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The mildest teak cleaner is a general purpose household powdered cleaner such as Spic 'n Span. . On the typical fiberglass sailboat, veneered or plywood components include conpanionway drop boards, hatch tops, and sometimes cockpit seats and soles. Before . High traffic areas like a teak cockpit sole will require the most attention of all, but are the easiest to scrub and retreat, since sanding is not 

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4 days ago Boat Varnish. Wood Interiors Need TLC, Too! By Jan Mundy. Brightly finished interior bulkheads do not Wipe down the bulkhead with one part MDR Amazon Teak cleaner poured on a sponge. . There is nothing quite as satisfying as cabin woodwork that looks professionally refinished and it is easily 

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As with all wood-finishing techniques, there are a million different "best" coatings for a cabin sole—the answer just depends on who you ask. To maintain it, clean it with Murphy's Oil Soap regularly and reapply the sealer as necessary.


A shiny teak and holly floor certainly enhances the interior of any boat Original-floor and it was Eventually all the boards were repaired and ready for sanding/cleaning. . The cabin sole looks new, with a clean professional, and safe, finish.

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4 Nov 2017 It is all through the shell a few inches below the cabin sole and into the bilge. It starts just below the forward I then applied undiluted bilge cleaner with a scrubbing brush to further clean the area. Finally i wiped up with paper 

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I want to eliminate mold/bacteria growing in the bilge and on the underside of a teak-holly sole. Periodic wiping of the walls and surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner helps keep the stuff under control. Moisture/humidity will not harm the FRG parts of the boat, but any wood parts will start to rot is they have been "steamed" by having water in the cabin of a sealed boat that is out in the 

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3 Sep 2014 There's nothing glamorous about it, but maintaining a clean and well running bilge system is a good indicator in a properly designed boat, cabin-sole hatches reveal pumps and other equipment outside the engine room.

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28 Jan 2015 TAGS: capsizeCrash Test Boatocean cruisingoffshore sailingPractical seamanshipSafetysailing skills. Crash Test Boat – . In one we secured as much as we could down below, including the galley stove, lockers, chart table, cabin sole, etc. The second test . After that, all we needed to do was to clean up the mixture of oil, diesel and water sloshing around in the engine bay. Batteries.

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18 Aug 2012 This video goes into detail on the proper way of refinishing the floor in a boat. These techniques How to Varnish and Refinish a cabin sole - sailboat floor. ronin51670 . Also, do you recommend using tack cloth for cleaning.

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11 Jan 2016 Either way, we have a few suggestions to keep your pride and joy safe and sweet for 2016. . The best way to keep your boat dry and free from mildew and mould is to thoroughly clean all interior or salty deposits, and then ensure good ventilation, leaving all lockers open and the cabin sole boards up.

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2 Aug 2015 Thanks for watching! You can also help support our quest to cross the Pacific and document anchorages and islands where you can sail to for little or for fre

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20 Jun 2014 WOODY is the new professional concentrated product created in the MA-FRA Research and Development laboratories, with naturally derived surface acting agents, preserving and regenerating teak boat parts. Pure 

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The boat features twin bronze centerboards and is especially well-suited for cruising shallow waters. Regarding your recent Waypoints article on cleaning sails, one of the easiest ways to clean Dacron sails is to toss them in the pool, 4 or 5 

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7 Mar 2013 Start off the season with a clean boat and keep it that way with regular touch-upsWhether you're a My preference is Teak Decking Systems TCP100, which is a powdered cleaner that is dissolved in hot water for application.

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14 Apr 2011 As a result, I knew one thing I wanted for sure when searching for my first sailboat was a teak-and-holly cabin sole. DIY sailors looking to install a new cabin sole have several options when it comes to flooring material. Properly installed and finished, these should outlast both the boat and its owner.

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5 Nov 2015 We are so lucky — the interior of our boat is solid teak staving — i.e. individual teak 2″ slats with a groove to all fit together. I just squirt a bit of Murphy Oil cleaner in my little red bucket and fill it half full of water. Then I use a 

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26 Oct 2013 NOW / How to install engineered teak on your boat. How I improved the look and feel of my boat, I used PlasTeak and PlasDeck,

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of molding fiberglass parts is cleaner and greener: emissions of VOCs for our associates and the air in which we live and boat, cleaner. The infused composite parts are stronger, provide step of the main salon's cabin sole, the Sabre.

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SYRENA was highly customized during her build to enhance both the beautiful aesthetic of the boat as well as the A lighter, taller, high modulus carbon fiber spar combine with a deeper keel and North 3Di sails for excellent performance while clean Cockpit. Teak cockpit sole. Varnished 34” teak rimmed steering wheel. Removable teak helmsman foot blocks. . Docking lines and Fenders (with fleece covers). Aluminum boat hook. Safety. Emergency tiller. (2) Kidde Mariner 110