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bamboo plants can be harvested without replanting in less than five years, making bamboo floorboards easier to produce. Because of bamboo flooring can be installed over wood or concrete sub-floorings without professional help. bamboo 

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Read these instructions carefully to avoid damaging your floorboards, and to make sure a bamboo If you are pouring a new concrete subfloor, which is not necessary for a typical floor installation, you may need to wait 60 days . A more stable solution, though more expensive, may be to purchase floating floor materials.

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A bamboo floor can be glued directly to concrete sub-floors on or above grade. floating a floor simply means the tongue and groove are linked together and that is the only way that the floor is held To avoid color "blotches", the installer should work out of 3 separate cartons, alternating planks from each carton to 

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11 Nov 2012 Subscribe Now: /subscription_center?add_user=EHowatHomeChannel Watch More: /EHowatHomeChannel Just because you've

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Do not install over any carpeting, other floating floors, or wood subflooring installed directly over a concrete substrate .. Solid bamboo Click flooring can be floated over ceramic tiles, terrazzo, marble, VCT, linoleum, and particle board 

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Plywood, ceramic tile, linoleum floors, and concrete are no problem for a floating floor installation. Any parts of the subfloor that are not level will contribute to an uneven floor board that's results in a “hollow” or “tinny sound.” . If the bamboo is engineered, with an HDF center core than normally this style floor is floated.

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17 Feb 2017 A look at the different things you have to consider when you decide to install a bamboo floor in a sub grade basement location. In a basement, you have to worry about moisture which seeps up from surrounding soil, through the concrete slab, and then into your floor. Unlike solid planks which are made entirely out of bamboo, engineered planks are made using fiber board filler on 

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Titebond 531+ concrete vapor barrier minimizes moisture transferred from the slab to your floor by 75-90%. Protect your investment by applying Titebond 531+ Moisture Control System before gluing down or floating your floor over concrete. .. that it's too much moisture for solid wood, but not too much for a particle board laminate even though particle board swells more than hardwood when it gets wet.

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If you have a newly laid concrete subfloor you must check for moisture using a concrete moisture meter (the moisture content should be below 6%). bamboo a natural look. with all panel flooring you should lay the boards in line with the greatest natural light source. floating the floor - using tongue and groove flooring.

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It is not recommended installing solid bamboo flooring over particle board, MDF, wafer board, masonite or luan underlayment or . If using floating method over concrete, It should be placed on all concrete sub-floors prior to the installation.

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24 Jul 2017 Considering new hardwood floors? Watch as Jack explains what's involved in floating installation of engineered hardwood flooring. You'll learn what tools you need, how to prepare your subfloor, and several tips for a 

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Open up the bamboo flooring and lay it on the concrete for 48 to 72 hours. Use a moisture test kit to ascertain the level of moisture in the floor, and therefore the amount of time the bamboo planks should be laid out on the concrete.

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You cannot return planks once they are installed! This flooring is to Concrete work must have been completed at least 45 days prior to installation. Installation of a factory-finished bamboo floor requires more care than a conventional floor to prevent damaging the floor's finish during installation. Frequent If you have a concrete subfloor you will need to go with a strand woven, floating bamboo floor.

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3 May 2018 If you're already certain that you want to install a floating bamboo floor, then follow the guide below. . Firm kitchen vinyl; Asphalt Tile; Existing wood floors; Steel; Advantech OSB; Hardy/cement board/backer/cbu; Plywood 

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6 Sep 2013 We install a hardwood floor on concrete using the direct stick method. The floor clamps come in really handy. They make the job quick and easy. You can hire them from the timber supplier. Once it is laid we call in the help of 

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13 Sep 2010 Want to know How To Install Hardwood flooring on Concrete or any other surface? Elastilon is your answer! A revolutionary new installation membrane that allo

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2 Jul 2013 There are two basic methods for installing over concrete: the floating method and the glue down method. Trowel the adhesive directly onto the concrete floor, working in sections and lay the bamboo planks directly on top.

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9 Nov 2012 Helpful Tips for Glue down Installations: floorING SELECTION Lumber Liquidators recommends engineered flooring for glue-down applications or the more stable

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Morning Star Clic bamboo is also available as a floating floor and is perfect for use over concrete below, on, or above grade using an approved underlayment pad, and recommended 6mm plastic sheeting as the moisture barrier over concrete.

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The concrete floor should be moisture tested in random locations to ensure the concrete is below 5.0% Moisture Content prior to It should be noted that the range of 1830mm long boards are the only type suited for a floating floor application.