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24 Jun 2011 That was my first house with PolyIso on the roof and I used on layer of WIP on the roof deck then 2" of polyiso then paper used between the sheathing and the rigid foam or just the peel and stick system outside the foam?.

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2 Literature Review of Four Exterior roof insulation Strategies . The figure demonstrates the air/vapor membrane layer between the existing roof decking and the .. ventilation area between foam board and roof sheathing (DF 2012).

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rigid foam insulation on walls, roofs, and foundations. Building America (Top left) NorthernSTAR Partnership's Project Overcoat home retrofit includes adding foil-faced polyisocyanurate board insulation and exterior vertical wood strapping.

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Johns Manville APTM Foil-Faced insulation sheathing board is an excellent choice for insulating attics and cathedral/vaulted ceilings. Polyiso . Insulate the knee wall framing on the exterior with AP Foil-Faced insulation by screwing or nailing insulation boards to the exterior (attic installed parallel to the roof slope on 16- or 24-inch centers and around the perimeter of the roof deck, at valleys, ridges.

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4 Oct 2016 Providing a solid roof starts at the base: a roof deck suitable for the nailing and installation of shingles. The type, grade Usually there are an odd number of layers so that the grain of the outside layers run together. Plywood Cementitious wood fiber; Gypsum plank; Lightweight concrete; insulation boards.

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Celotex TD4000 PIR insulation for light traffic Flat roof applications. These boards offer a quick and easy way to achieve effective thermally insulated flat roof decks for building structures such as small extensions or garage roofs where there 

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25 Oct 2009 In this video blog you'll see my best practice method for roofing & my unique high performance roof deck insulation system. Buddy Lawrence from Sentinal Cons

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17 Feb 2014 Install rigid insulation board in multiple layers with joints offset vertically and horizontally between adjacent layers. Rigid insulation layers exterior to existing roof sheathing must provide sufficient thermal insulation (R-value) to 

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When incorporated with a Stratco Outback Patio the innovative Cooldek insulated panel provides a roof, insulation and ceiling like finish all in one Classic steel roof look on top, with a smooth ceiling-like underside. 50mm thick panels - up to R1.48; 75mm thick panels - up to R2.11; 100mm thick panels - up to R2.75 

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12 Aug 2012 Photograph 1 (above left): Original roof – Uninsulated rafter framing with board roof deck. . the wall to take into account the likely possibility of retrofitting exterior continuous insulation on exterior wall framing in the future.

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TOP 180 is a pressure-resistant, weatherproof insulation board and a rain-proof sarking board, classified as ZVDH class 3 TOP 180 is weatherproof for up to 12 weeks' outdoor exposure. Temporary weatherproof on-roof insulation (for roof pitches of 15° and more, classified as ZVDH class 3); According to an expert 

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3 Apr 2015 If your roof has board sheathing, install an airtight membrane (for example, Solitex Mento, a product available . With an outdoor temp of 25F and roof deck temp of ~43F the mean temp through the foam is now about 34F/1C.

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Insulating a roof is an effective way to minimise heat loss and reduce heating bills. roof insulation. Stone wool roof boards provide added fire resistance and dimensional stability to the roof system for added resiliency and longevity.

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Rigid insulation is one of the best tools to reduce your energy costs. Install it anywhere from the roof to the foundation. You can even place it under the foundation slab. Rigid foam insulation, also known as insulating boards, provide high 

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20 Jun 2017 The membrane is installed on top of what is normally a stable surface such as polyiso or a cover board. The roof deck is “cold” –Wood decks without insulation above them will readily equilibrate to the exterior temperature.

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All exterior walls, including (3A) walls between living spaces and unheated garages, shed roofs, or storage areas; (3B) Cathedral ceilings must provide space between the roof deck and home's ceiling for adequate insulation and ventilation. This can If you're in the design phase of planning your new home, consider structural insulated panels, insulating concrete forms, and insulated concrete blocks.

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Owens Corning FOAMULAR commercial foam insulation selection guide with links to specific FOAMULAR rigid foam board insulation product descriptions. Exterior insulation Finish System, EIFS, FOAMULAR® 250 · IV, Parex I-C Gold with Foamular 250. Residing Low Slope Commercial roofing, THERMAPINK® · IV, 18, 25 psi, used in a variety of roofing systems over a variety of deck types.

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Cool-Vent is a venting composite insulation board that consists of a 4'x8' panel of rigid polyiso, a middle layer of solid wood Optimal cooling and ventilation through 92% open air space; The edges of the wood panels are rabbeted to provide for expansion and contraction of the wood while allowing the foam edges to be installed tightly to achieve thermal integrity across the entire roof deck; Wood 

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Increased strength in the external area of the insulation board. Weatherproof for up to 12 weeks' outdoor exposure TOP 140. Weatherproof on-roof insulation and rain-proof sarking. Nominal value of thermal conductivity λD: 0,040 [W/(m·K)]

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Cutting on the outside edge of the line ensures that the board fits snugly between the rafters. In addition to installing the foam board on the underside of the roof deck, you can attach it to the bottom edges of the rafters in the same manner 

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Rigid foam can be used in walls, roofs, and foundations, for retrofits or new construction. Is there any reason I should avoid making my inner layer of two exterior foam board layers that paper-faced insulation? .. And as my roof decking underneath the insulation is only 1X (rather than the 2X of the house nearby), I wonder if the nailing would be stronger if I used 2X4 sleepers above deck to provide a 

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ThermaCal<sup>®</sup> 1 and 2 Ventilated roof insulation Panels are composite ventilated roof insulation panels combining (standard) Preferred for insulating outside of the structural roof deck for many different sloped-roof constructions including:.

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values for roofing and both inside and outside air films in addition to the insulation material. The C-factor is Insulperm Insulating board, 1”. Steel decking. Structural Concrete (140 pcf), 1". Medium Weight Concrete (100 pcf), 1". Glass Fiber&nbsp;