anli plastic lightweight reinforced double exterior door

Front door VEKA Softline Sumeda

PVC front door. Class A according to DIN EN 12608 quality standard. U = 1,7 W/m2K. as Class A. Steel reinforcement is 1.5 mm thick or more. and doors. The opening leaf is reinforced with a double-bent edge to achieve maximal strength.

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A modern front door should be beautiful, but equally important is functionality and security. Every Unilux door, whether made of wood, aluminum, wood or plastic, is a product of exemplary quality. Be it safety, noise or energy efficiency that is 

Doorjamb Reinforcement - Kikgard

THE PART THAT'S MISSING FROM YOUR door LOCK! You Need TheTM entry door. Without effective doorjamb reinforcement, one kick is all it takes. Building homes complete with effective double-flange design will not yield, but turns.

uPVC trade doors - Ipswich and Colchester - Ipswich Trade Frames

Ipswich Trade Frames offers front and back doors, panel doors, sliding patio, double doors and ultra-modern bi-folding doors from Rehau , WHS Halo. reinforced as standard and with multi-point lock systems, all our uPVC back doors are selected with the highest security in mind. With stylish designs and wide colour choice in the long-lasting thermo-plastic skins, solid timber core doors from Ipswich 

UGL Products for Treating Fiberglass - United Gilsonite Laboratories

ZAR? Wood Stains and Polyurethanes are recommended for use on fiberglass by many leading door manufacturers. Fiberglass, a type of lightweight plastic reinforced with glass fibers, is quite popular due to its excellent strength, structural stability and low maintenance. On the outside, apply an exterior polyurethane containing ultraviolet radiation absorbers to protect the door from direct sunlight.