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Technically, asa not only maintained the main characteristics of the ABS, it also combines the weather resistance advantage of acrylic to color stability, and good PC/pvc capability have allowed KIBILAC<sup>?</sup> asa to become a broader and higher value resin that can be applied in Extrusion, PW-997G, Extrusion asa resin with brighter appearance after coloring and surface hardness reinforcement.


Highly functional plastic with excellent weatherability: asa is a copolymer of SAN and acrylic rubber, and it is a highly functional plastic with excellent weatherability while maintaining most of the advantages of ABS. Thanks to its excellent&nbsp;

LG ASA - LG Chem TK Kimya

LG asa LI968W, Co-Extrusion, Good Weatherability, PROPERTY MSDS. LG asa LI970, Co-Extrusion, Good Weatherability, Scratch Resistance, PROPERTY MSDS. LG asa LI970HF, Co-Extrusion, Excellent Weatherability,Scratch&nbsp;

ABS/ASA material combination for lightweight Golf VII front grill

Electroplatable ABS for logo & inferior rod; Painted ABS & unpainted asa version very good chemical resistance, high surface quality, as well as major improvements in color fastness and surface quality for pre-colored exterior applications.

Expert Tips for 3D Printing with ASA - Materials Guide - Simplify3D

asa, also know as Acrylic Styrene Acrylonitrile, is a 3D printable plastic with properties similar to ABS. It was originally developed as an alternative to ABS that would be more UV resistant by changing the type of rubber that's used in the&nbsp;